The New and Improved Hitachi Magic Wand Is Here to Stay!

We’re incredibly relieved that we didn’t find out how close the Hitachi Magic Wand came to being pulled from the market until after Vibratex swooped in to save the day. It turns out that after decades of people co-opting the famous back massager as a trusty sex toy, Hitachi finally got a bit uncomfortable with having their name associated with screaming O’s. Fortunately, Vibratex — who have been the sole importer of the Hitachi Magic Wand for more than a decade — agreed to take over, and they are now the official distributor of the renamed Magic Wand Vibrator.

Sure, you may pine for the awesome ’80s pics of women in leotards on the old school packaging, but the new Magic Wand has been updated so that it’s now even stronger, complete with modern circuitry and even stronger internal construction. We have been raving about this workhorse vibrator for years — it’s the best-selling vibrator at Good Vibrations — so we thought we’d excerpt some praise for it from our book Sex Toy: An A-Z Guide to Bedside Accessories:

Where to start? It’s the Cadillac of vibrators, the Tom Cruise of turbo-toys, the bestseller, the MVP, the woman’s best friend, the box-office sure thing, that ’70s toy. The Hitachi is the most popular vibrating sex toy in the world. The world! The Hitachi was initially marketed as a “muscle massager,” and it is still packaged that way. It makes sense—after all, electric body massagers work by bringing blood to the area, which is—hey!—exactly what happens when you get turned on. And because the Hitachi was designed to be a work-horse, it can last for decades—unlike those crappy “novelty” items designed to last for the duration of a bachelorette party.

The Hitachi is the toy that inspired Joani Blank to found Good Vibrations. Masturbation maven Betty Dodson started ordering them by the case-load in the ’70s, to give out to women taking her self-love classes. Sure, the Hitachi sounds like a dying cow, but once you feel its strong vibrations you won’t care whether you’re waking the neighbors. Just try not to have an orgasm when you hold one of these puppies against your clit—though we don’t recommend direct stimulation, even on the “low” setting. Try it over your jeans or a pillow, or just squeeze it between your thighs and let the vibes travel north. The Hitachi has a soft foam head covered in soft acrylic, about the size of a tennis ball, and a foot-long white plastic handle (so no arm cramps!).

Sure, it’s not as cute as the Rabbit—in fact, it’s rather medical-looking. But if you’ve got a nosy house cleaner or a dog who likes to drag inappropriate “presents” into the living room whenever your mother-in-law is over for tea, that might be a good thing. Plus, next time you get a real back-ache after a grueling transatlantic flight: hey presto! You own a back massager!

The new and improved Magic Wand Vibrator is for sale now at GoodVibes.com




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