5 Reasons Why More Sex Helps Your Career

LELO created this fun infographic (included below), which could be more simply titled “5 Reasons Why More Sex Helps Your LIFE.” A few thoughts on each point:

  1. Honestly, in this recession, we think most people would take the raise over the sex (including us).
  2. Yes! Sex beats shopping every time. (Or at least it should.)
  3. Wait: Married couples having sex a little more than once a week leads to more frustration, fights and tension because that’s not enough? Seems kind of like a glass-is-half-empty analysis of the data, if you ask us.
  4. Sex cleans your pores, prevents wrinkles and age spots, and gives your skin a healthy glow? Sounds like this came from the “semen is good for your skin” study out of Teanboi University. We do, however, agree wholeheartedly that if the average woman is spending $75 on facials per month (WTF?!), she could put that time and money to much better use (e.g. in some quality alone time with our Toy of the Month).
  5. If calling sex “exercise” (admittedly a stretch) makes you do it more, then more power to you!

Infographic: 5 Reasons Why More Sex Helps Your Career

Getting On By Getting It On – LELO’s More Sex for a Better Career Infographic


  1. I would just say… F – beep – you and your F – beep – advises about “how much” sex people should have. SO MUCH insisting on sex is just… F – beep – boring 😛

  2. 40,000 calories per yer? 12 lbs worth? Hmm.

    40,000/(3*52) ~= 250 calories per session. Seems high. Let’s see what Dr Alfred Franger says:

    4.2 calories per minute.

    Meaning that to burn the 40,000 calories you’d have to have 3 60-minute marathon sex sessions each week. That’s crazy long for grownups with jobs.

    I don’t discount the whole thing, but that’s just not a realistic estimate.

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