7 Reasons to Love Hotel Sex

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EMandLO.com contributor Jewely Hoxie, who is studying Human Sexuality at the University of California Santa Cruz – you can read her blog here – has a confession to make:

I love to travel with my boyfriend, mostly because getting a hotel room together is so much fun. A change of scenery not only helps clear my mind, but it inspires me in bed. Here are seven excuses to book your next reservation.

  1. Freedom of expression. You get to be as loud as you want. There are no worries about bothering your roommate, your ‘rents or your neighbors. Even if someone in the hotel overhears, it’s exciting to show off all the fun you’re having! (And chances are, they’ll be too embarrassed to complain to the front desk anyway.)
  2. New sensations. There are new sensations when you’re in a different bed. The mattress and sheets not only look different, they feel different. Use those differences to help you live out an alternate reality: Pretend you’re having a secret affair or you snuck into a stranger’s bed, turning the act of sex into something more naughty.
  3. New surroundings. And in particular, a new bed! If you’re lucky, you may even get a bed that’s a little different, such as an adjustable bed. This will offer you so much more than a standard bed and will really allow you to experiment. If you’re not familiar with adjustable beds, you can get the facts here. But along with the new bed, it’s also a new room. There’s so much new territory to explore. I like to use the backboard of a bed to get tied up, since my bed at home doesn’t have one. The rest of the room is like a jungle gym: Where are we going to do it next? The shower, the jacuzzi tub, over the desk… MacGyver that space up!
  4. No distractions. When you’re in a hotel you can avoid phone calls, unexpected guests at the door, and no worrying about those unwashed dishes in the kitchen sink. There’s even a little sign to put outside your door that lets everyone know not to disturb you — something solicitors never listen to at home. (And just hanging that sign on the door handle is sometimes enough to make you feel frisky.) You have the freedom to do what you please for as long as you want.
  5. Cleaning service. This means no need to put a towel down for those female ejaculators out there or to be conservative about how much lube you use. This time, once you’re done, someone else can do the cleaning. Of course, this doesn’t give you permission to leave the room like a porn set — be kind to the cleaning staff and tip well. (For the record, this is exactly why you should always remove the top bed cover in a hotel before getting in, because that part rarely gets washed and chances are, a few people have had hotel sex on it before you.)
  6. Exhibitionism experimentation. In order to avoid any awkward run-ins, it’s better to have a hotel stranger see your sex show than that neighbor you see every day. Maybe open the curtains just enough for someone to get a partial private viewing. (Note: Best to do this after hours so only adults will get this viewing.)
  7. Room service. There’s nothing better than a good meal to replenish yourself after a healthy sex romp. Bonus points: you don’t even have to get showered and dressed to get it.

Jewely Hoxie

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  1. Oh the germs, the germs!

    Also I’m all for being loud in bed, but don’t exagerate (“won’t someone please think of the children!”)…awkward being ten and sharing a hotel room with your parents and listening to the sex-noises from the other room..yeah just please. So be naturally loud, but no testing your limits!

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we were just always nice and mindful of others. Also germs. Don’t do it on the table. You are the reason I bring ethanol and hand sanitizers everywhere.

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