A Baby Video on YouTube That’s Actually Art

watch the Las Palmas trailer

This doesn’t have much to do with love and sex, except that we love this trailer which features an adorable product of sex. The teaser is from the short film LAS PALMAS by Johannes Nyholm, which just won the Short Film Award and the Audience Award at the Gothenburg Int’l Film Festival, Startsladden. (The jury statement reads: “Startsladden 2011 goes to a tragicomic movie in a crazy world that feels terribly familiar. An ingenious hybrid of Sällskapsresan and Easy Rider, which goes straight into our hearts”.) It’s even more hysterical if a) you have kids and b) have fallen down drunk before (ideally before you had kids). For updates about when the full movie will be available, “like” Nyholm’s fan page.

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  1. I ADORE this post! It is alarming to see a baby with breasts, but also very successful in capturing my attention for it. I am not sure how to access the trailer, however. Is there a link that shows me more than just still frames? Thanks.

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