A Peek at China’s Growing Sex Toy Industry

While perusing Getty Images for weird and wacky sex-related photos, we came across this beautifully shot series by photographer Greg Baker that fit the bill: the sex toy industry in China. Baker writes:

China’s puritanical Communist Party decried decadence during its first decades in power, and while conservative attitudes are still widespread, economic reforms have brought the country more sexual freedom, and a plethora of sex shops.

And this is part of the global shift that has occurred in recent years that has allowed sex and sex toys like the Sex ‘N Dolls robotic dolls with AI to be a more open and talked about topic. These topics are becoming less taboo and more people are exploring their sexuality and kinks. On top of this, pornography has increased the popularity of these types of devices. This has lead to sex dolls and toys being more popular than ever and you can see here for the best new sex dolls that you can buy online if you want to give them a go for yourself.

At a high-end sex doll shop, Micdolls, in Beijing:

A sex shop next to a fruit stand:

At a wholesale sex toy market:

A man with his sex doll in his Beijing suburb apartment:

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