1. Yes i do if you dont trust the man ur with then u shouldnt everyone has a wild side it fun sumthin new and diff and it heats up the sex for me i love it!!

  2. The only person I sent those kind of pics to is my husband. It spices up our relationship, he loves them! Still, I’m careful, I photograph my body only, not my head. That’s how I feel comfortable to do it.

  3. I once gave my ex pictures. We were pretty serious at the time, then we ended up breaking up. He posted them all over the internet, and they ended getting back to my mom. Now, my husband begs me to give him some. I’m paranoid that someone will get onto my computer, see them, and post them on the internet again.

  4. I have with my fiance and they stayed on my computer…but after awhile I got extremely paranoid because my dad was trying to fix something (and he’s pretty nosy) and last thing I wanted was for him or anyone else to accidentally come across them. They’ve been deleted and there will be no more until we get our own place

  5. There’s no controlling digital media once they’re out of your hands. I don’t send out anything that I wouldn’t be comfortable with everyone seeing.

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