And the Winning Term for the Female Equivalent of Blue Balls Is…


After a week of voting, “blue box” was the top pick out 11 options, getting 27% of the vote. The next closest was (astonishingly) “purplepuss”, with 16%. Em liked how “blue bird” rolled off the tongue and Lo was partial to “blue walls” for it’s rhyming with “blue balls”, but both of us think “blue box” is a fine term worthy of the win. (Though we are wondering if “blue box” being listed first out of the 11 had any influence on the voting.)


  1. Vulva is the “only” acceptable term when ANY referance to female genitalia is required. If there would exist any socially acceptable discussion of a ” ladie’s ” body parts; we must be tasteful in the very least. Please, be tasteful , at least .

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