Ask Men Survey Gives Us Hope, Defies Beer Ad Stereotypes

image via Chuck “Caveman” Coker

When we read that AskMen.com had surveyed tens of thousands of guys about everything from sex to suits, we were a little nervous. Would the results indicate that men — at least, the ones who read AskMen.com — are exactly like the beer commercials say they are? We are pleased to report that our worst fears were not realized. Well, most of them. Forty-six percent of men said they’d dump a girlfriend if she got fat. But we’re going to look on the bright side and focus on the 54% of men who wouldn’t. Some other stats from the sex and dating portion of the survey:

  • A pleasant 76% of men said they’d be unlikely to cheat on their partner, even if they were guaranteed not to get caught (half said it was because of their morals; the other half said it was due to the love and respect they had for their partner — we’ll take either). By the way, this survey was done in conjunction with one on women over at Cosmo, and they found that although twice as many women as men have admitted to cheating on their partners, more than twice as many men would cheat on their partners if they could get away with it. So apparently women are just more confident of their ability to get away with it?
  • If a male birth control pill became available, 68% of men would take it.

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