Back to (Old) School

It’s back to school time. That means many college students are already on campus. And many student newspapers are already in full publishing swing. Including the University of Richmond’s “Collegian,” which just last week published a little gem of an opinion piece entitled “A Letter to Women,” in which the author promotes the old she-dresses-like-a-slut-so-she-deserves-it philosophy and condemns women for enjoying sex…

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  1. I agree with Johnny, he has a definite “I can’t be held responsible for my actions when your cleavage is showing” type of feel. Now, I think I’m going to go for a walk around the neighborhood. I will be wearing a bikini, sneakers and nothing else. Why? Because I can.

  2. Okay, Em and Lo, now post something more reassuring. I need to go back to pretending these people don’t exist again, for the sake of my blood pressure and subsequent faith in humanity.

  3. Damn, that goes way beyond the usual. The guy sounds downright sick. The tone of that piece is borderline threatening.

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