Blog Snog (02-20-09)

kiss_park_benchphoto by pedrosimoes7

A weekly roundup of sex- and love-related posts from some of our favorite blogs.

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  1. I rolled my eyes at that first article. Women’s sex drives are largely driven by *their own* testosterone, so if I were to kiss a woman with a higher sex drive/testosterone level than I have, it follows that I would be more likely to wriggle out of my boxer-briefs for her, regardless of tongue or not. And this: “It was instinctive. He didn’t know any better, Char.” More bullshit “boys will be boys” double standard nonsense. They took an interesting factoid about testosterone content in saliva and plugged it into a traditional gender roles model. After reading that article over at Your Tango that completely disrespected the profession of massage therapy, and now this, I can’t take them seriously.

    Y’all’s Glamour columns kick(ed?) that whole website’s ass, anyway.

    Hrm, I must be over-tired due to all that testosterone in my saliva.

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