Blog Snog (06-12-09)

vintage_bra_adAd from Teen magazine, 1961, via Uh…Bob

A weekly roundup of some of our favorite sex- and love-related posts from various blogs and websites:

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  1. The willingness of people to believe that humans and societies were somehow ‘better’ (e. g. more chaste, less materialistic, more giving, less opportunistic) in the halcyon days of yore never ceases to amaze and amuse. One study published last year examined birth and wedding records from Puritan New England. Either the gestation period for homo sapiens has increased markedly since the mid-17th century or slightly more than 60% of couples during that time were expectant when they married. I guess parthenogenesis could explain it. Or it might just be that people used to like sex almost as much as they do now. In or out of marriage.

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