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  1. Dave,

    I should point out that I was always at least average when I started out on all this, both in my skill with women and my social skills in general. I always got along with people, never had trouble making friends… I just didn’t quite know how to consistently translate that into successful seductions.

    People gotta realize, though, that the seduction community attracts guys with way below average social and romantic skills. Guys who, halfway through their twenties or even thirties, have few friends, a stunted social life, and little or no sexual experience. You can’t blame these guys for wanting to improve, but for them, it’s going to be a loooooong road. And yes, they will creep a few girls out along the way. So like I said before… on behalf of those guys… sorry ladies. I know they creep you out. But they’re trying really hard to recover from a lifetime of serious social malfunction. Think about that before you reject them cruelly because you’re offended by the seduction community.

    In the most extreme and disturbing cases, the seduction community attracts wackos (George Sodini?). But hey, what are you gonna do. It’s like calling karate lessons evil just because the occasional psycho gets better at hurting people that way.

  2. It doesn’t sound like you embody the types of books that College Candy was bashing. I was worried for a moment there.

  3. Dave,

    I wouldn’t say I really have any “techniques,” a la “The Game.” No canned lines, no “peacocking” (dressing outlandishly to attract attention). My most frequently used technique is a warm smile, an open attitude, and a simple, “hi.”

    For me it was more a question of attitude adjustment that acquiring a set of techniques. It dispelled the misconception that women are mean scary creatures just waiting for opportunities to be mean to me if I try to meet them. My first experiences corroborated this change of mind – I was surprised at how many women are quite delighted to be approached unexpectedly by a charming stranger.

    It then occurred to me that there are tons of women just waiting around wishing that would happen. All those women with internet profiles – they’d TOTALLY rather be seduced in real-life by a guy who knows what’s up.

    So no, I would say the only population I specifically target, or who I think “game” works on most, is women who are single and looking. And they come in all types.

  4. Johnny,

    Do you claim that your techniques “work” on a certain segment of the population, like women who’ve suffered some form of abuse, or that they can yield results with the majority of people, perhaps appealing to something more universal?

  5. RE: Books on How to Get Laid…

    Ok, so I’ve read all the books, and they’ve actually worked on me. I internalized many of the lessons therein, and my skills with women have skyrocketed. No joke. I am way better with women than I used to be, and I get laid a lot more.

    A wise seduction community guy once said, “it’s a long road to calibration.” That means it takes a little while to get it right.

    All those cheesy-ass, wanna be Neil Strauses who bother girls with dumb canned lines from the Pick Up Artist at happy hour? I understand why women hate them. I’ve seen them in action. Truly annoying.

    First of all, on behalf of all those guys: sorry ladies. No offense intended. We’re just trying to reverse a lifetime of failure with women, which is something every… single… one of the “nice guys” you’ve ever known aspires to. We really don’t set out to be offensive. If a would-be PUA has ever irritated you, it’s just a casualty of his learning curve – just like new drivers are more prone to fender-benders.

    Second of all, no reason to worry that the balance of sexual power will suddenly shift to the computer nerds, who will run amok and abuse their new-found skill. Most guys will never get good. They read “The Game,” try out a few dumb canned lines, and quit. So no real menace.

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