Blog Snog: Intellectual Matches, Plane Sex and Getting Hubby in the Mood

photo by Akash_Kurdekar

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  1. John DeVore (he of the art of criticizing other people’s sexual predilections, evidently) needs to get a new hobby. So what if some people have fantasies he doesn’t share? Is that something that really effects him in ANY way?

    The Man and I tried to join the Mile High club a couple of times, and never succeeded. The fact that I have extreme Flying Anxiety, (like, “need a couple of Xanax in the days leading up to the flight, not to mention ON the day, and usually cry at sometime during the flight” anxiety) stopped us on a turbulence ridden flight to Vegas (and the fact that our seats were accidentally not together and the jerk sitting next to my Man refused to move, so I called him (the jerk, not My Man) a bad name and went to my seat an cried and then was too upset to try to do it in the sky.) Then we didn’t’ get a chance until AFTER 9/11 and, man, they guard those airline bathrooms like everybody has a bomb in their shoe. At one point, My Man headed for the bathroom, and when I got out of my seat to start in that direction myself, someone, I can only assume an Air Marshall, actually blocked my path to the tiny little potty and stared me down like I was a terrorist. My poor man was waiting in there, wondering where I was…….

    The next time we were on a 747, which if you have never been on one, or seen the pot on one, you cannot imagine how SMALL the room is on a plane so large. (More room for passenger seats, I guess, at least in Trash Class, where we always have to sit.)

    So, we were either busted, freaked out (me) or stopped by a room which we would not have both fit into.

    *sigh* Oh, well.

    I still think it’s a fun fantasy. Why the author of this article takes such issue with it, I have no idea. Not like we were going to do it in our seats…..EW!

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