Blog Snog: Racy Wedding Pics, Sex Don’ts, & Victorian Sex Slang

racy_wedding_dressimage by JessAndTheCity (not the photograher in the story, fyi)

A weekly roundup of some of our favorite (and not so favorite) sex- and love-related posts from various blogs and websites:



  1. Oh, it was BEFORE the wedding, I was dressing at her house. She was NOT invited to the honeymoon….Ew

  2. Em and Lo said: “(Since when did it become a “thing” for the wedding photographer to capture the bride in her skivvies anyway? We’re all for dirty pics, but on your wedding day?!)”

    MY MOTHER took a picture of me, in my underwear, on my wedding day! (I know, it isn’t right.) I think, back then, she was just shocked to actually see me wearing a bra.

  3. That article from TheFrisky was one of the worst things I’ve read in a long time. I left a polite, detailed point-by-point rebuttal which they’ve declined to publish. However any respect I had for them is out the window.

    I mean, “balls are the male clit”?! Has Dr V ever seen a man? Or taken an anatomy course?

    I know it’s intended to be lighthearted fare, but this kind of stuff, “sex dos and don’ts” and so forth exist only to feed off peoples insecurities and don’t foster the only true sex skill needed – communication. It’s destructive and shouldn’t be encouraged.

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