Blog Snog: Micky D’s, Sex Myths & Twitter

mcdonalds_japanA weekly roundup of some of our favorite (and not so favorite) sex- and love-related posts from various blogs and websites:

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  1. I, too, hate the phrase, “I love women.” Why? Usually, it’s during or after a man says or does something that says, “I hate women.” or because, when the love for women is there, NOTHING of the sort needs to be said.

    Yes, telling a particular woman, “I love you.” is certainly appropriate, if the man does, but declaring love for all of the gender brings up visions of wife beaters and girl friend hitters, cheaters and worse. Mr. Thursday followed his declaration with an amusing report of why he enjoys the female form, but often the statement (“I love women.” is uttered after a man is found abusing one, or disrespecting one, harming one is some way or an other, and the statement then means, “If she were like the women in my head, I MIGHT love her, like I love other fantasy women who don’t talk back and do what I say the first time.”)

    John Thursday’s article was slightly arousing, but predictable, and as Em & Lo said, the phrase ruined the entire thing. Plus, there is no reason, ever, for a straight man to have to explain to us “I’m not gay, I understand why a man can be, but no, not me, no way, I’m straight…..I LOVE WOMEN.”


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