Blog Snog: Teen Heartthrobs, College Swingers & Swedish Chefs


  1. RE; The “what you can say when he can’t get it up” article.

    The article gave some suggestions, but ONE was a glaring omission.

    “I’m sorry. It happens to everyone. Don’t worry, OK? I won’t take it personally and don’t worry about it. NOW, get my vibe out of the Sugar Sac and have it, young man!” I’ve found that more often than not, simply making YOU happy will often coaxes his shy member into working order, and if now, he knows, when YOU aren’t maybe in the mood, or can’t have sex, YOU’D do the same or similar for him.

    Women OFTEN go down or give hand jobs when they “don’t feel like intercourse” or have UTIs or yeast infections etc. WHY, when a man can’t get an erection is she supposed to just say, “Oh that’s OK, I didn’t want to have sex anyway.” And then have to deal with her OWN Blue Balls situation on her own?

    I have found that the often embarrassing situation of a stubbornly flaccid member can be HELPED if he knows he is still in demand and knows he can still at least help you get off. Servicing you gets his mind off of HIS problem, and often the Little Guy responds very well afterward, or more often during.

  2. LOL, I thought the Swedish Chef in question was going to be Tina Nordstrom. I’m going to have to go into Stadler and Waldorf curmudgeon mode.

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