Books: True Confessions of a Male Escort

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Andrew Rosetta (not his real name) was an escort in London for ten years, where he made thousands of pounds a week. He tells all in his new memoir, Whatever She Wants: True Confessions of a Male Escort. We had about ten million questions we wanted to ask him, but we limited ourselves to just these few…

Why did you get into the biz?

I started out as a student doing an MA in history. I was working all-day shifts at a sandwich shop in Kent, England, so there wasn’t much time for study. One day I looked out of the sandwich shop window and realized that the parking meter was on a better hourly rate than me. Escorting was a way out of going nowhere financially.

How did you know where to start?

I had literally no clue when I started — I didn’t know what to charge, how to negotiate, how to really have sex — it was a nightmare. I saw an advert in a rugby magazine for an escort agency and thought, why pay a third to an agent? So I just put an ad in the back of my local paper. I was still technically a virgin on my first job! It went so bad I was still a virgin after it too!

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