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Nathaniel Frank & his book “Unfriendly Fire” on The Daily Show

Our pal Nathaniel Frank — who was smooth as butta on The Daily Show last night — is the foremost expert in the country on the toad-lickin’ crazy “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. His new book, Unfriendly Fire: How the Gay Ban Undermines the Military and Weakens America, will make you mad as hell (or even madder than you were before) that a ban like this can still exist in 2009. As Jon Stewart put it, “Turns out they might be able to help.” The book is the result of decades of research and hundreds of interviews with government officials, service members, policymakers, etc. As Dr. Lawrence J. Korb, Ronald Reagan’s former Assistant Secretary of Defense, puts it: “Empirical evidence and systematic analysis rarely have an impact on such emotional topics as gays in the military. But here is a book from a leading scholar that cuts through the ignorance, the denial and the prejudice to explain how we got stuck with a policy that was doomed to fail. Our military and our nation owe Frank a debt of gratitude.” In other words, this book should be able to convince even your homophobic Uncle Bert that the gay ban is a terrible idea. By the way, if you buy the book from OUTWrite Books, they’ll send a copy to Congress on your behalf for half-price — their goal is to get the book to all 524 members of Congress. For more information and to check out Nathaniel’s book tour schedule, visit UnfriendlyFire.org.

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  1. This policy is ridiculousssss. I’m so angry with myself for not having been aware of it before!

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