Can Best Friends Be Sex Friends?

You gotta love a movie trailer with lots swear words, nudity, sex scenes and menstruation references. We don’t think we’ve looked forward to an Ashton Kucher vehicle since “Dude, Where’s My Car,” but the “restricted” trailer (NOT one of the many sanitized-for-tv versions) for his next flick, “No Strings Attached,””co-starring the ever-present Natalie Portman (fingers crossed she’s an anti-“Garden State” romantic lead), gives us hope.

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  1. We dated in 1987 were best friends I cheated. Love him more everyday. Wish him the best. Still enjoy sleeping with him in 2011 but pray he finds someone who wants what he does…. Totally ok!!

  2. Negatory. You can have friends, you can have lovers. But mixing the two is a losing scenario for somebody. If they are really your friend the sex pushes the emotional envelope. If you are having good sex with no feelings then maybe the friendship isn’t really there. At the very least it might be one sided and someone will develop unrequited feelings. Ouch.

  3. It worked out great for me – was friends with benefits, became best friends with benefits, learned heaps about each other and ourselves in the process, and eventually transitioned into a pretty awesome full on relationship.

  4. No, you cannot just be “friends with benefits.” I don’t care what anyone says, there is no way this type of relationship can work out! While you may be saying, “what do you mean? I’ve done it before and it worked just fine for me,” this may be true; FOR YOU. What about your sex BFF? I would be willing to bet that in this type of situation, someone always ends up hurt.

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