"Classy Professionals" Seek Wingwomen for $35/Hour

bar_was_gonna_callphoto by colorcritical

Let’s say you’ve got enough disposable income — even in the middle of a recession — to call yourself a “classy professional” who drinks in “upscale bars.” And let’s say that — despite the recession — all this disposable income doesn’t seem to be working on the ladies like you’d hoped it would. You’re classy, of course, so you don’t want to actually pay someone to have sex with you. But paying a woman to help you find someone who’ll have sex with you for free? Now that you can do. And thus came into being our favorite Craigslist ad of the week:

Two classy professionals in their 30s, looking for serious relationships, recognize the well-known fact that it is much easier to meet women in social situations when a social, classy, positive, fun woman is with our group. So, we are looking for a wingwoman to join us in social situations mostly upscale bars and lounges. Being a wingwoman involves: Looking classy, Laughing, joking, having fun, and giving off positive energy & Casually starting conversations with women the guys you are with want to meet by asking a question, giving a compliment, etc. So, if you are easygoing, fun, and have positive energy we look forward to hearing from you! Include a photo with your response, and some comments on why you think you would be good at this work.

A friend of ours who responded reports that this gig pays $35/hour. Assuming your upscale cocktails are covered, not too shabby. And with the right wingwomen, we think this plan could actually work. Of course, the ethics of the operation start to look a little shady if you question the posters’ intent. “Serious relationships,” really, guys? If you seriously mean that, cross your hearts, then we apologize for our snide attitude — and we think it’s kind of sweet that you’re asking for help. But if you’re just looking to get laid? Then do your own damn dirty work!

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