College Gals Finally Close the Marriage Gap

As recently as the ’90s, Em was horrified to hear her college roommate say that she was at school to get three letters: MRS. It was said kind of tongue-in-cheek… but not completely. The ironic thing was that back then, having a college degree actually meant that a woman was less likely to get married…and if she did get married, it would happen significantly later. Something to do with being too busy to bake pies for hubby, we guess. Scientists actually called it the “marriage penalty.” But finally — finally — that marriage gap has been closed: New research shows that white women with college degrees are just as likely to marry as those who didn’t graduate from college. In both groups, 84% were married by 40, and in both groups, the average age of marriage is 28. So just in case you want to be wicked-smaht educated and bake apple pies, apparently you can now have it all. Yay… we think?

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  1. It still happens. In 2003, when a friend and I were discussing future plans and what we wanted to do with our degrees she said she was there to meet her future husband. Again kind of tongue in cheek, but not really.

    Happily she is now engaged to the guy she meet in 2004.

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