Comment: If Only EVERYONE Could Feel This Good Naked w/the Lights On

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Jen, in response to the recent post “5 Reasons to Have Sex with the Lights On”

I really don’t know what this whole “sex in the dark” thing is about. The only time I have sex with my boyfriend in the dark is when we’re in a room with other people who are not supposed to notice! Neither of us has a perfect body, and in fact my boyfriend has a history of beeing very overweight and is still quite chubby. But I know he loves me all the more because I still wolf-whistle when he gets naked, simply because I love him and I love his body because its HIS body!

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  1. i rather have sex with lights on or during the day i do not care who knows i am making love i just say to them you want to hear my love making moans and groans in bed with me

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