Comment of the Week: 9 Reasons Why Women Cheat

Long-time reader (and unofficial EMandLO.com sage!) Johnny said the following in response to our post “Blog Snog: Why Women Cheat — A Married Man Goes Undercover”:

Women cheat because:

  1.  They are no longer sexually excited by their partners.
  2. They are no longer emotionally excited by their partners.
  3. Their partners are no longer sexually or emotionally interested in them either, and the good feelings they get from being lusted after anew outweigh the bad feelings they get from doing something wrong.
  4. They got married too young, with too little sexual experience under their belts, and now that the penis holds no further terror for them, they’re just dying to know what a casual screw with a hot stranger is like.
  5. It’s been a long since they’ve had an adrenaline rush of any kind.

… and those are just the circumstantial cheaters, who I classify as imperfect but forgivable human beings. The inveterate cheaters, who are just pieces of shit, have their own set of reasons:

  1. They get off on deceit.
  2. They have ulterior motivations for being in a relationship at all, such as gold-digging, and never even considered being faithful.
  3. They are toxic, abusive personalities, and they thrive on the emotional destruction wrought by infidelity.
  4. They just can’t be satisfied with a single sexual partner, which I would consider forgivable, except that they really should have been up front with their partners about that from the start.

Am I pretty much on the money?



  1. Leave no child behind has brought down the countrys standards, especially the young folkes.
    They are so easily influenced by the trash, so
    disease and misery will be their future.

  2. Thanks for setting the standard. Never cheated, never will. Loyalty is a choice. Without free will, we are just sophisticated animals. If you allow chemicals to control you then you are no better than the beasts that everyone holds so dear now a days. The world is being shaken and will continue to shake until all of the trash has fallen and the disciplined faithful remain. I would have never said a single had you(alank) no spewed such vile and disgusting standard. Control yourselves. Seriously. Blessings to you and may you always prosper.

  3. Things wear out; the tires on your car wear out; but you just get new tires, you don’t get rid of the car.

    Lust wears out. Really. For most (not all, but most) of us. We can either throw out the relationship or find a way to get new tires.

    Monogamish is the future. Hardly anyone can be happily monogamous for 40 years. Even Al Gore quit. Life is long; lust is short.

    Female infidelity is like male infidelity. It will come sooner or later. Everyone loves the sound of train in the distance. Best to build it into your relationship. It’s only infidelity if you lie about it.

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