Comment of the Week: A Different Way to Do It

photo by Michael Schubart

In response to our chart on reconceptualizing male and female genitalia, Prof V had this to add:

[For] men and women who were looking for more than ‘insert tab A into slot B’, [I’ve] always told them to take time to learn about each other’s bodies. Identify certain touches/sensations/pressures they enjoy on their own body, and try to translate to their lover’s. One example is that if men take the time, they can learn to enjoy and get very aroused by stimulating the base and shaft of the penis, without touching the glans/head. This translates to learning to massage and stimualte the areas to either side of the vaginal opening, underneath which the clitoral bulbs/legs reside. I’ve found ladies love it, if done in a non-pressured atmosphere, and are delighted to learn of a new way of stimulating themselves without going right to the clitoris or g-spot. Building this area up for 5-10-15 minutes of oral/digital stimulation can lead to deeper orgasms.


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