Comment of the Week: Getting Your Libido Back After Babies

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MrsMuggs commenting on the post Your Call: She Wants to Want It But Doesn’t:

I went through a period of hating sex after my kids were born. One thing I realized was that I never thought about sex except at bedtime and then it was “Oh, shit, he’s going to want to do it!” What I did was to get a book of erotic short stories and started reading one every day as soon as I got up. It was the very first thing I did (after going to the bathroom) so I couldn’t skip it and put it off. At first, the stories really disgusted me, but I kept at it. I found that if I started off the day thinking about sex, I was more likely to think about it during the day which put me in a more receptive frame of mind. The next thing I did was to start a “scrapbook” of any pictures from catalogs or magazines that I thought were sexy or sensual. I would cut out the pictures and glue them into a spiral notebook. It was difficult at first (because I couldn’t find anything that I thought was sexy) but it got easier. This is something I still look at (my kids are now 15 and 9) when I find myself going into Mommy Mode and shutting down sexually. My sex drive woke up and is now probably higher than my husband’s. One thing we found recently is a book by Athol Kay called “The Marrried Man Sex Life Primer 2011.” It is aimed at men and is all about helping your wife to want more sex. It is not for everyone, but it has given my husband and me some good tips.

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  1. Fantastic! I think that going through functional reproductive baby stuff can often take the bang out the bedroom. The way you’ve gone about helping yourself to think about sex in a positive and personal way is truly inspirational…

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