Comment of the Week: Hairy Balls Are Cute, Dammit!

hairy_balls_kiwi0003photo by Rene (and then some)

In response to the reader who posted: “i have never grown my pubic hair, and i always thought men didn’t like women with hair down there, its not only gross, but also filthy.” … There is really nothing “filthy” about public hair, anymore than there is anything “filthy” about hair on your head, on your eyelashes, your eyebrows, your arms, or anywhere else. Do you bathe daily? Then your pubic hair will be as clean or “filthy” as the rest of you.

Also, MANY men enjoy a little or a LOT of pubic hair. (Entire porn studios are focused on “Hairy women.” To each his own…) And up until only about 5 or 6 years ago, even most porn stars were “au natural” in the pubic hair department. Even the Landing Strip didn’t become popular until less than 10 year ago. [Ed note: We think trimming actually started back in the ’80s; but still, we get — and love! — your point.]

My man doesn’t “’scape,” trim or shave. I really couldn’t care less. I’m a grown woman and public hair makes him look like a man. Hairy balls? So what? It’s cute. I would never ask him to do something he wasn’t comfortable with, I really don’t care, and it has actually never occurred to him to even try it. (In fact, it actually never occurred to ME that men would even think to trim or shave until just seeing some newer porn in the last few months.)

Madamoselle L, on the post “Wise Guys: What’s Up with Manscaping?”


  1. Of course, I’m gay, so you might think it’s a little different. However, the current fad for smooth male genitals actually originated in the gay community (alas!). I for one dislike shaved men, I don’t find it sexy at all. Still, there is a little bit of everything for everyone, so be happy whether you love hairy males (like me!) or shaved ones. Peace!

  2. IMO, nothing in it’s healthy, natural state, concerting the human body is “disgusting” or “horrible.” At least not from my POV.


    People need to open up a little. “Those things” ?? I prefer to refer to them as testes, (“Testicle” is technically ONE ball) balls, “the boys” “nuts” “A hand full of plums” (if I am in a cheerful mood) etc.

    They are beautiful, in their natural state. Cute, if you will. 😉 I am not a huirsutaphobe.

    Of course, the way one refers to body parts reveals a LOT about how they feel about their and other people’s bodies. Using words like “down there” or “those things” or using baby words for genitalia reveal a lot about the viewpoint of the person and how they relate to others sexually and physically.

    I tend to think positively about the human body, male and female alike. I find nothing on a natural, healthy person “disgusting” and nothing on a natural, healthy human body that would kill the appetite for sexual relations. (If that were the person I was interested in)

    Your mileage may vary.

  3. Mmphew! How ugly it is to see those things in that state!You can imagine of a mangrove forest,so horrible and it kills all the appetite of having sex.

  4. Of course, Katy, if you THINK about it in the wrong context SEX itself is “disgusting.” (well, “disgusting” is in the eyes of the beholder….) People sweat like pigs (I know pigs don’t sweat) you make weird noises, you groan and moan and screech, strange gooey emanations come from your orifices, and you get those all over your mouth and your hands and the sheets or the couch or the back seat and everywhere else, it smells kinda weird, you say things you rarely if EVER would say in public, and you end up with an every bigger gooey-er mess, panting, damp, (Or soaking wet) dizzy and unable to speak! “Disgusting?” I think not.

    So, as for “disgusting” I think on any Sex Positive Blog thread, the word “disgusting” needs to maybe be reserved as the strong word that it is. People tend to over use it for things they personally find less than tasteful. And who wants to have “tasteful” sex, anyway? What does that mean, designer sheets, polite language, discussing the weather, instead of telling your man how naughty and hard and yummy he is, keeping your goo to yourself (not sure exactly how one would do that and still have fun) running from the room in “disgust” if one’s partner says or does anything “distasteful?” I’m not sure.

    I think the term “Your mileage may vary” is very appropriate here. You may not like a certain thing, but that may be JUST the thing which turns someone else on.

    Your mileage may vary. 😉

  5. im personally not a big fan of hair on a guy’s balls. ive only had my mouth on or near balls with two men, and one shaved one didnt its kinda disgusting. 🙂

  6. Wow! Thank you for highlighting my post! 🙂 You may be right about when trimming and “scaping” started. (The Man and I wanted to make sure, so we FORCED ourselves(by the need to be accurate, damn it, LOL!) to watch some older mid 80s Caballero Studios tape last night, (one featuring Kristarra Barrington (lovely Asian beauty) and one with Tajia Rae) and the ladies were, pubic-ly speaking, pretty natural, as were the men. The head hair and the decor gave it away as mid to late 80s, although I am sure someone was trimming somewhere at that point. (I think the “landing strip” was just becoming du rigour in Playboy around that time) Probably depends on the area (of the country, I guess) or the individual.

    YAY for those two CUTE little rubbery “kiwis!” (And in such an adorable furry storage sac.) Hey, what’s a few stray pubies between good lovers? Just discreetly lick the back of your hand (or his thigh or shoulder) and it’s gone It if hits the soft palate, forget it and get a drink of water. (You need the fluid to keep up your strength and stamina anyway.)

    As for the ancient Egyptians, it is believed the upper classes shaved EVERYTHING, including the hair on their heads. Dry desert, LOTS of sand, rampant plagues of body lice, it only makes sense. OTOH, I don’t live in a desert, don’t have lice and would not want myself or my man to shave heads. To each his or her own preference.

    Thanks for the highlight, EM&LO. 🙂

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