Comment of the Week: How You Know He’s “The One”

Reader MarcieT said the following in response to our post “Your Call: How Do I Know If He’s ‘The One’?” What would you add to this list? (Um, sexual compatibility, anyone?) What would you not include? (Maybe you like watching TV on your own…)

You know he’s “The One” when:

  • You miss having him beside you when you’re vegging out to TV. This means he’s been beside you when you watch tv (not just on exciting dates and planned activities) and that he’s awesome enough that you want him around all the time.
  • You know that you can live with his flaws. You aren’t expecting him to change anything because you know good & bad come with everyone, and his flaws are something you can laugh about, love anyway etc.
  • You don’t have to remind yourself to kiss & hug him hello and goodbye. You do it out of real love, without prompting.
  • You have similar outlooks on family, child-rearing, and religion. Serious conversations like that are part of many religion’s pre-marital counseling, and if you can’t have those conversations, you’re not with the right person.(You can have different faiths, but find a middle ground for your relationship to stand on.) You don’t have to 100% agree from the start, but you need to lay out expectations and be very honest with yourselves.
  • Have you had a first fight? If you haven’t, you’re too far apart to be “the one” for anyone. Doesn’t have to be an all-out passionate blow-out, but disagreement is part of a healthy relationship. How you deal with it – together or apart – says a lot about how compatible you are.