Comment of the Week: I Don't Care About Pubic Hair

photo by J. Tann

The fact that I can’t seem to form an opinion on this topic troubles me slightly. Is there something (other than the obvious) wrong with me? Am I ‘too nice’ to even have a conviction? Most of my firsthand experiences came at a time when pubic topiary was a rarity so the state of nature seems pretty normal to me. I have encountered a few who were trimmed or waxed and it struck me as interesting and novel but not compelling. Generally, I’m just happy to have the opportunity to play. The length of the grass on the field is so trivial it doesn’t warrant much discussion. Please note that no slight is intended to those partisans who are willing to fight and die over the issue; I just don’t feel it.

Slartibartfast, commenting on the post “Wise Guys: What’s the Appeal of Bare Down There?”


  1. Nick,

    I apologize if I gave the impression that I didn’t care enough to notice, since that isn’t quite the case. I think each part of the spectrum has its charms and I try to appreciate them, but don’t really care enough to become too exercised about it. I’m in full agreement with the thought that each style can be pretty fab, as you mention. Thus, from that point of view, I’m perfectly fine with whatever her grooming choice might be. Aside from implanted beryllium spikes, of course. That was just too darned dangerous.

  2. I’m not sure if i disagree, or agree.

    On one hand I have no preferance shaved or fuzzy.

    On the other, not compelling i couldn’t disagree more. every different “hair style” has it’s own illustriousness.

    It’s the same with hair on your head.. some girls look better with long hair, some better with short.

    Soft and smooth is intoxicating. And a full bush gives you something(else) to run your gingers through

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