Comment of the Week: In Defense of Being the Other Man

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When we pick something to be a Comment of the Week, that doesn’t automatically mean we endorse, approve of, or even like the response — sometimes it just means we think it’s a ginormous springboard for debate. And with that, we give you this gem from Bob T. in response to the post “Is Cuckolding a Real Trend, Or Just Another Internet Meme?” Please to discuss:

Must admit, I’ve developed a thing for married ladies. Reason is that when you get together, there’s none of this courtship drama, no ‘rescue me.’ Just straight-up sex.  The less complication, the better it is and they know it.

As for their relationship with the husband, that’s none of my business.  I do insist on discretion, and make it clear i have no interest in disrupting the marriage. I do slightly know a few of the guys, and my impression is that I’m doing them a favor.

Besides, I just flat do not believe that anyone has a right to demand sexual fidelity of a partner.  If you feel like it, you are.  And if not, you don’t.



  1. I have no comment other than he sounds arrogant and I hate the word cuckolding. What are we roosters and hens?

  2. I find that comment so incredibly disgusting and appalling. I honestly hope he contracts HIV so that cuckolding will become illegal for him with non-disclosure.

  3. Fair enough. But you’d better make sure she’s on the same page as you regarding discretion. Some women cheat for the pleasure of secret sex, others do it specifically to rub their man’s face in it.

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