Comment of the Week: Ladies, Stop Making Excuses, Start Asking Men Out

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Men like it when women ask way more than women like it when men ask. A women who asks guys out will get way more dates than a guy who asks women out.

I think sometimes women get rejected and then say that they were rejected because men don’t like aggressive women, but they are using that as an excuse so that they don’t feel rejected. A man could never use that excuse. Imagine a guy saying that he always gets rejeted because women don’t like it when men make the first move. He would get laughed at because everyone knows he’s just saying that to save his pride.

I think to increase equality women should (gasp) actually risk rejection more often and if they get rejected they shouldn’t use the excuse that men don’t like it when women ask. I know it hurts but it comes with the territory and I think relationships would be better off if this happened.

— Jason Tufaga, responding to the post “Wise Guys: Can’t Women Ask Men Out?”


  1. Must just say, I recently met a guy during a night out, I felt we were getting on well and (feeling surprisingly bolder than usual) decided to ask for his number. It felt AMAZING when he said yes. Going on a date next week. Totally awesome.

  2. Yeah, I agree with Johnny. Right now, it’s set up so that girls feel like they shouldn’t ask if they want to, and guys who are too nervous to ask miss an opportunity. Right now, it’s a no-win situation. Why put the responsibility one one person? Some guys are honestly timid/distracted/unaware/busy; the assumption that all men are Alpha figures is just plain wrong. Does society pressure them all to be that way? Absolutely. But society has its limits. People are who they are. So sure, guys who want to ask should get the nerve to ask: and so should women. Equal-opportunity boldness makes the world a more communicative, and a sexier, place.

  3. ^ I agree that most men lack the balls and brains to consistently make the right moves on the right women. But I don’t think that means women should hold back either.

    As for exploiting ambiguity about who pays, I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about. With the exception of a few hard-core gigolo types, men just don’t do that.

  4. I COMPLETELY disagree with this article. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a modern gal in the very essence. But truth be told: guys needs to get their balls back and ask women. Otherwise, let’s be honest: you’re not all that interested and hence you don’t ask. But you’ll go on a date when the girl asks first if you’re a guy because you know this brings up the another ambiguity of who pays. Again, the easy way out for guys. Grow some balls, act like a man and not an overgrown adolescent, and ask the girl out.

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