Comment of the Week: The Popsicle Solution

popsiclesDIY popsicle mold, $9.99 at Amazon

Earlier this week we published a letter from a reader who loves playing with ice in bed…but hates the way it freezes her fingers. She asked for a solution, and you guys came through!

“One word — popsicle. Put a few sticks in the ice cube tray. And prepare a good cover story for when people ask you why you have popsicle sticks in your ice cubes.”

Evan, commenting on the post “How Can I Stop Ice From Numbing…

Speaking of a cover story…

“You could tell people it’s a weight loss trick… You are trying to convince your brain you get treats when it’s really just water.”

Elizabeth, commenting on the same post

By the way, if you can’t figure out how to make popsicles in your ice cube tray, you might want to invest in a DIY popsicle mold like this one (pictured above). $9.99 seems a small price to pay for a lifetime of chilly foreplay…just don’t make flavored popsicles unless you’re prepared for a sticky mess!

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