Comment of the Week: This Is the Worst Article I Have Ever Read

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It’s not often that a comment makes us laugh out loud, but this one did. There’s just something about a hater that can brighten the day. The best thing about it: we’d understand if this were in response to one of our more political, opinionated posts on, say, gender inequities or abortion rights, but 5 Easy Ways to Talk Dirtier Tonight is a simple advice column with some little tips and tricks for the tongue-tied to spice things up. Who knew it was such a touchy subject? Behold, “Sexual Being”‘s wallop:

This is the worst article I have ever read on any subject. Please don’t ever write anything ever again. You have contributed nothing to the sexually active community. The only people who would benefit from this article are five year olds. Please, please, PLEASE quit this job and go on a journey of self discovery. You are not a writer.

Oh, and by the way S.B., our seven books — including our latest AWARD-WINNING one — would beg to differ with your last point.



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