Comment of the Week: You Guys Are Trashy and Vulgar!

photo by by Adam Bielawski

A male reader emailed us the following note in response to our post, “Top 10 Breakup Songs Taylor Swift SHOULD Write.” Oh no! We upset the Swifties! We feel like Michael J. Fox. Except this is worse because we consider ourselves true Swifties at heart. Oh well, in our imagination, Taylor loved our list.

Your list on Taylor Sweift so-called “love songs she should write” is one of the most vulgar and distasteful things I’ve read in a quite a while. What the hell prompted you to write that trash? Did you get off off your meds? You should be ashamed of the trash you wrote. Of course, you won’t be, since I see it all over this site. Get a freaking life, idiots!

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  1. If he finds the site vulgar and distasteful, why is he visiting the site and reading the material in the first place? It is easy not to be offended by emandlo.com, don’t visit the site.

    As for me, I’m offended by Ann Coulter. Thus, I won’t purchase her books, visit her website, or seek her out on radio and television.

  2. If he thinks that’s trashy and distasteful, I’d better not share what plays out in my head between me and Taylor Swift.

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