Comments of the Week: How to Convince Your GF You Love Her Body

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It is going to take a very long time. It is going to take you repeatedly saying (more times than you think is necessary or reasonable, and this will only work if you are 100% genuine every single time), ‘I think you are sexy. I love you. You are so beautiful. I just can’t get enough of you. I love it when you wear your hair like that, it makes me want to rip your clothes off IMMEDIATELY.’

And slowly, but surely, your sweetheart might begin to be able to make those positive associations herself. She may catch herself one day looking in the mirror and smile thinking about how she wore her hair that one time and how you responded.

[Fixing body image] is something that you cannot do for her, but love is tremendously healing in these areas. There are few things better able to mend an impaired body image than the longevity and support of a loving relationship in which your partner repeatedly shows up, loves you, and finds you sexy.

marzipan, responding to the post “Your Call: How Can I Convince My Girlfriend I Love Her Body?”

Stop trying to convince her of anything. Just show her. It’s all about her self image and you can’t change that image one bit. So just love her — tell her, show her, oogle her.

Woman with a bad self image just need to be shown they really aren’t being judged at all. Don’t make an issue about it. Don’t bring it up. If this truly isn’t an issue for you, there really is no reason to ever mention it.

After a while, I can assure you, she will come around to see that you genuinely love her and all that she has to offer.

Charlie W, responding to the same

I too used to feel like my Mister was ‘just being nice’ when he told me he preferred bless-size women, as he calls our kind. Mistrust often comes from bad experiences so she kinda needs to deal with those issues alone. One thing I do know is that finding out your fella watches BBW porn and salivates over big shiny oily cellulite bums really does convince you that he likes your booty how it is! Perhaps give a casual peep into your world of recreational stimulatory preference (aka. porn tags). Watching porn together can bring on such gooood times.

Also, I think these comments above are fucking banging, as we say in South London.

Diz, same thread