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To help us all get in the mood for Valentine’s Day (fast approaching, in case you hadn’t noticed, ha), we want you to “share the love”: Use the comments section below or email us (select “Contest Entry” from the pull-down menu) to share something cute/romantic/cheeky about your current relationship — or your favorite former relationship, if you’re currently single. Maybe it’s your meet-cute story, or a date that went hilariously wrong (and you stayed together despite this), or the moment when you knew this person was for you. Go ahead, make us all swoon! (But please, no Penthouse Forum-style entries.)

The WINNER — our favorite response — will receive a free ADORE ME SET by LELO — this includes a stylish red lipstick vibe, a red silk blindfold, red silk and suede wrist restraints, and a satin storage pouch. Best of all, we’ll get this gift shipped out to you in time for Valentine’s Day! Oh yeah, and the winning story will be featured in a post on this site — so you can get some love back for all the love you shared, aw yeah.

The contest is open until January 29th. Feel free to post anonymously, of course — just be sure to include your email address in the comment submission form below (this will NOT show up on the site) or in the email submission form so we can contact you if you’re the winner.

Okay… Dish away!

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  1. I first met my boyfriend in high school but we didn’t really run in the same crowd. Then 5 years later I am in graduate school in Boston and he contacted me to ask about appartment prices in Boston because he was planning to move for school. Long story short messages turned into conversations which tirned into hours of phone calls. And after my study abroad trip and almost the end of the summer he finally asked me out. I wasn’t going to see him until October though so it was a long wait. will tell you about the first couple hours of seeing my long distance boyfriend for the first time. I went to the airport to “pick him up” (we would be riding public transportation back so not really picking him up) after I was done with work that day. I nervously paced and checked my phone and asked where arrivals were coming in for that gate but nobody have me a definite answer. I texted him to tell me when he arrived so I could watch out for him. When he came up he was smiling really big and we hugged and briefly kissed. He immediately held my
    Hand as we walked to the escalator to baggage claim. He told me how pretty I looked and that he loved me and I was so smitten in that moment. We stopped to have pizza and beer ( our first official date if you will ) on the way home and then snuggled and watched movies the rest of the night. What a perfect evening.

  2. This year will be my first valentine’s day with my partner and we are both very excited. We both started off as friends and our relationship grew more intense as we spent time together and realized that we were into each other.

    One evening I gathered the courage to tell my girlfriend my feelings, it was September 7th, 2012. We both were sitting on a park bench watching people skate board and I told her. She accepted my feelings and confessed her own and we both awkwardly laughed in relief.

    As a side note, going to parks is very important to my partner and I. In the summer, before we started dating, we made a promise to visit and discover new parks in our city together.

    After leaving the park she asked, “Where does this leave us?” and I stated, “I don’t know.” She then turned and faced me and stated, “Max do you want to be my girlfriend?” I felt all the butterflies and replied, ” Yes I’d love to be your girlfriend” We then headed to the train station and she brought me home.

  3. She wrote this for me! These items would make vday so special for us.

    Pretty, beautiful, radiant as the sun,

    Watching you there, I swear you could be the one

    to take all my fears and turn them to blissful rain,

    like the time I skipped and jumped around in your driveway

    while you took shelter on the porch, laughing because I was so silly.

    But that carefree joy of a summer shower

    doesn’t even compare to the feelings I have when I think of you.

    my stomach turns to butterflies and as they fly up out of my mouth,

    they carry with them a steady supply of awkwardness tied to their wings

    that never ceases to make you smile,

    even if it’s only because you think it’s funny that you could have ever fallen for someone as ridiculously ridiculous as me.

    Ridiculously hooked on you.

    Your love is my drug.

    I don’t need a dollar sign in my name to know that you’re sweeter than any hit of cocaine

    I don’t need the pills, the needles, the bruises on my arms because you give me a better high without even trying.

    Trying to pretend that I don’t love you more every day,

    that those butterflies ever go away.

    those caterpillars just make more cocoons inside me

    and when they hatch and reveal their shimmering wings and iridescent hues

    become the most beautiful expressions of my feelings for you.

    And that awkwardness that’s tied to their wings becomes poetry

    because god knows I’d never be able to say these things

    out loud without writing them down first.

    first to fall, more like trip, stumble, heels over head,

    sliding down a chute with so much adrenaline

    you make me feel on top of the world.

    The world is our oyster,

    and, baby, you’re a pearl.

    Yeah, I know I mixed up those shellfish and that pearls come from mussles.

    Right? Oh well, I’m never right anyway.

    That’s okay because as long as you can pin me down in a scrapp,

    and as long as I can put on a frustrated facade to hide how incredibly turned on I am to feel you pressed against me

    then I can deal with your incessant correctness and if I’m wrong,

    I don’t want to be right.

    because if you’re wrong, then i don’t get to see those amber eyes of yours sparkle in the candlelight

    as you laugh at how much sense my answers to your questions don’t make.

    That sparkle has always reminded me of September

    and us laying side by side on a bridge looking out over the lake talking about our favorite places to be

    and you protecting me from spiders that i was sure were coming for me.

    Though most of my favorite memories of us have taken place in the dark,

    I don’t need the stars to light my way because you are as radiant and dazzling as the sun.

  4. Our first Valentine’s Day together was abysmal. We had been dating for around two months at the time. We both had pretty full schedules but had made plans with friends to meet and watch a movie in the afternoon. Well I met our friends and the movie came and went and he never showed up and didn’t answer his phone. By the end of the movie I was fairly pissed off. He finally showed up at my house a hour or so later looking ridiculously pleased with himself. It turns out he had forgotten that we had made plans with friends and had gone straight home to finish up all his extra work so he could spend the night with me with no distractions. His phone being a distraction, he had turned off much earlier in the day to get his work done. Silly boy. This Valentine’s marks out 5th together and he really has gotten much better about remembering our plans. <3

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