“Mohammed Was a Child Molester”?

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“Mohammed was a child molester, Mohammed was a pervert…” Those are just some of the chants protesters hurled at attendees (many children) of a charity dinner held in Yorba Linda, CA by ICNA Relief (an American Muslim relief organization) to help raise money for projects that include women’s housing, hunger prevention, family counseling, medical aid, and emergency financial. Mohammed may have married a six year old and then consummated the marriage when she was 9 , just as Lot may have had sex with his daughters, Jacob may have been paid in sex slaves, and Jesus may have slept with Mary Magdalene — that’s not the point here. We’re not defending the ancient origins of any particular religion (in fact we tend to take a Bill-Maher approach to the whole industry), but we are defending the right to practice your beliefs, whatever that may be, here in America, as long as you obey the laws of the justice system — it’s a right this country was built on. The people in this video (compiled by CAIR) seem to have forgotten that — their fear, hate and ignorance is astounding. Feel free to give some of the politicians involved in this protest, like Gary Miller, Ed Royce and Deborah Pauly, a piece of your mind.

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  1. The last khomeini of Iran was married to a nine year old, and in some countries where islam is the dominant religion marry off little girls are actually quite common and they justifies it with Muhammeds marriage to Aysha.

  2. tell me whats so different than that Jeffers scum from Utah.

    all religions are ultimately destructive!

    bible/koran thumpers all o’ yall!

  3. you forget that this was over 1400 years ago..even in so called enlightened europe at the time child brides were the norm.howcome nobody calls them child molestors?

  4. He was a child molester. He married a girl who was 6, but didn’t have sex with her until she was 9. Learn to speak Arabic before you defend Islam.

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