Dear Dr. Kate, Is There Such a Thing as Vaginal Perfume Drops?

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Dear Dr. Kate,

My girlfriend’s vaginal fluids sometimes smell and taste funny (not a good funny). I read online somewhere that there are drops you can place on a woman’ vagina to make it taste and smell good. Are these real and are they safe? I know my girlfriend would allow me to use these on her as long as they’re safe.

— Nose

Dear Nose,

I don’t know what drops you’re specifically referring to; my quick search for remedies turned up tea tree oil, neem bark extract and garlic. To the best of my knowledge there’s been no published studies of these products, taken either orally or topically, to gauge their effectiveness. But I do know that the application of any product to the vulva or vagina that wasn’t meant to be there increases the risk of irritation, discharge and yes, infection. So I would proceed with caution before using any of these remedies.

The smell and taste of a woman’s body normally varies throughout her cycle, but they can also be affected by common vaginal infections (like bacterial vaginosis). If your girlfriend notices an odor, her best bet is to see her gyno to be checked for vaginal and cervical infections. You can also check out the recent column by Em & Lo, How Can I Smell & Taste Better Down There?

— Dr. Kate

Dr. Kate is an OB/GYN at one of the largest teaching hospitals in New York City. She also lectures nationally on women’s health issues and conducts research on reproductive health. Check out more of her advice and ask her a question at Gynotalk.com.


  1. On a simpler note, if someone’s been at the gym or exerting themselves physically and therefore sweating, their nether regions can get kinda funky (men and women).

    If you have the kind of relationship where you can say something about it and not have it come off as devastating and judgmental, I say give that a shot…you know, something like “xxx i really want to go down on you, but could you go splash some water down there before i do?”

  2. I’d recommend treat this from the inside out. A person’s health makes a huge difference in the smell and taste of their discharge (men and women).

    Eat clean food (as little processed food as possible. As few chemicals in your food as possible) and get regular exercise. I’m a few hundred years behind in my medical thinking, but I still subscribe to the theory of humors. Stagnant humors will make a person smell bad, obviously. Get them flowing.

  3. flavored lubes really shouldn’t be used near vaginas. often times in very sensitive women they can create yeast infections. I think she should go to her gyno and make sure there are no infections of any kind and speak directly to the doctor. You can also use a dental dam as a barrier between you and her. Its a small thin piece of latex that can be flavored on the side that you taste and just with basic (Non flavored) lube on the side facing her. hope that helps!

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