Hot Tip: Be Submissive…On Purpose

If you want a little freedom from all your daily responsibilities, if you’re sick of having to make decisions, if you kinda like being held down and tickled….then why not spend an evening being submissive for a change? Let your partner call all the shots. By being (temporarily) submissive in the bedroom, you can get caught up in the moment. You don’t have to think. You don’t have to do anything; only what you’re told. Which is not to say that you’re passive; you are receptive, responsive, appreciative, grateful. And no, there’s no correlation between social, economic, or mental status and your power preference. Being dominated isn’t demeaning; it’s fun! So set some ground rules, set a time limit, come up with a safeword that means “time out,” and then take it and like it.

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  1. this is truly a treat and I think it makes your partner have an “ego boost” and to be honest it is very very sexy and…..AKA….tons of fun go for it!

  2. Being submissive in bed can make for a wonderful change in the bedroom, and it shows trust between partners.

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