Do It Tonight! Break Out the Body Paint

body_paintphoto by psalms133

Who wants to paint the town red when you can stay home and paint each other? Playing with edible finger paints is like having a smokin’-hot Montessori teacher encourage you to “indulge your inner Picasso” while going down on you to help “unleash your creative juices.” (And if that just turned you on, we don’t want to know about it.) We bet you ten bucks the first time you try body paint, you won’t be able to resist painting cheeky arrows and “open for business” signs. Oh, who are we kidding? We bet you paint cheeky arrows every time you try it. The Kama Sutra Lover’s Paintbox is all chocolate (in three flavors!), if that’s what you fancy — don’t forget a glass of milk for the nightstand. GoodVibes also stocks a chocolate body paint, and Babeland has a sweet fruity kit if that’s more to your taste. And if you’re having a James Bond moment, try liquid latex body paint and make like Goldfinger. Liquid Latex dries in minutes, and, unlike paint, it allows the skin to breathe — it’s your very own, custom-fitted fetish outfit. Get black latex and Catwoman’s got nothing on you! Or get the Black Light Liquid Latex Body Paint Kit for some after-dark fun. This kit even comes with a jar of glitter dust for glamming the whole thing up. Let’s see those jazz hands!


  1. Actually, it doesn’t. People got this idea from the episode of Mythbusters, when Jamie (who HAS high BP) had to be peeled out of his gold body paint, because his BP and respiration were going through the roof. Most likely, the stress and the lights from the studio were more to blame than the just the paint. The experiment was later repeated with the other guy, and his BP stayed normal. Also, people do not “Breathe” through their skin (insects do, that’s why you can kill a bee or wasp in your house with a spritz of hairspray, if you can’t reach them and your kids are screaming.)

    Plus, this stuff is MADE to be put on the body.

    Ah, if only I wasn’t allergic to latex…I’ve seen this paint, is is tres cool looking.

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