Do It Tonight! Clean Your Room

bedroom photo by jinkazamah

Your bedroom should be a sacred space for rest, relaxation, and rolling in the hay. Any reminders of everyday stresses — CNN on the television, files you brought home from the office, stacks of unpaid bills, your cellphone — can fill your room with negative energy. If you look over your honey’s shoulder and see some work you need to finish or a K2 of laundry you need to do, your brain can all too easily wander over to that task, which will kill arousal. And then, next thing you know, you’re thinking “It’s not that I don’t love the sex, it’s just that I just have so much to do!” To fix that, spend an hour (okay, 20 minutes) tonight cleaning your closet (or at least shutting the doors to it), ditching the colossal pile of magazines next to your bed that you’ll never get around to reading, removing the worn clothes hanging over the back of that chair, and making the space a computer/TV-free zone. Light some candles, turn on some nice relaxing music, and put some soft, clean sheets on your bed.


  1. Great article, I agree. As far as the part about the TV, I used to have one in my bedroom, and found myself spending too much time lounging in bed to watch TV. It took away from the rooms purpose, and was very unsettling. So no more TVs in the bedroom.

    P.S. I would get rid of the TV altogether if it weren’t for others.

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