Do It Tonight! Give Your Partner a Love Bite


photo by P. Baker

Yes, we’re talking about the good old-fashioned hickey — that simple little expression of unbridled passion that can immediately take you back to your first few heady times of making out (oh, to be young again!). Of course, the love bite should not be administered (or accepted) willy-nilly. Only the hidden hickey (breast, back, shoulder etc.) may be given at any time and without permission, assuming the person on the receiving end is a committed partner with a good sense of humor who’s thoroughly enjoying it. (If not, get permission first.) The half-hidden hickey (e.g. just behind the collar) may be administered with implicit permission to a trusted and trusting partner. The blatantly obvious hickey (neck!) may be planted only with explicit permission, since visible hickies can get people fired/excommunicated/pointed and laughed at. Remember, we’re not talking about breaking skin (always a no no). Just a gentle sucking that leaves a small mark that your partner can look at lovingly in their bathroom mirror and think of you when you’ve gone. A little naughty calling card.

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