Do It Tonight! Go Ahead and Close Your Eyes

eyeballsphoto by net_efekt

It is officially not bad manners to close your eyes while receiving head if that helps you get to your happy place — especially for the ladies who may need a little help staying focused during cunnilingus. That said, it’s nice to occasionally take a peek to check in on your partner. After all, you don’t want your partner to get all insecure and think that your eyes are closed so you can pretend you’re being serviced by People’s Sexiest Man/Woman Alive. (Though, for the record, it’s okay to do that sometimes, too — however, if your mind is on someone else every time you get busy, you might want to ponder just how attracted you actually are to the real life person in your bed.) But whether your eyes are open or closed, please remember that a mid-sesh wink — at either end of the oral sex equation — is extremely hard to pull off with class.

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