Do It Tonight! Ladies, Get Yourself Fitted for a Bra


photo by zmxncbv.com

As a woman, it’s hard not to hate your own boobs. You always want what you don’t have. And it only gets worse as you get older and your boobies start to head south (unless of course you just reach that zen state of not giving a shit anymore). One thing you can do (besides cosmetic surgery, which we wouldn’t recommend — but give it time and we might change our tune) is getting fitted for a decent bra at one of those higher-end bra specialty stores. Chances are you’re wearing the wrong size; even if you were once wearing the right size, you probably aren’t now because A) your bras have stretched out over time and B) your body is constantly changing due to weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breastfeeding, age. And the right size and style can make all the difference: not only will your sistas look perkier, but they can look bigger if that’s what you want or they can look smaller (and thus make you seem slimmer) if that’s what you prefer. Plus, your clothes will look better on and your bra will probably feel better on because it fits properly. Ultimately, you’ll feel better about your body, you’ll walk taller and straighter, and you’ll exude more confidence — all of which is sexy. Of course, once the bra comes off, you’re on your own.


  1. i love packing of breast so i choose fited and a regular size cup which is 34 normal

    4 those that have big boobs and wear small size of bra it cant be fitted

  2. When you try on bras, make sure they fit well on the loosest hook- that way when they stretch you can fasten them tighter.

    The bit between the cups should lie flat against your chest.

    The edge of the cup should be underneath your arm- the whole breast should be contained in the cup.

    For ladies in the UK- don’t add 2 inches if you measure your band size- that’s a rumour! If you measure 32 inches you’re a 32!

    If you wear the correct band size, you’ll soon know if your cup size changes!

    I had the same experience as Camelia. It’s so easy to compensate for wearing the wrong cup size by wearing a bigger band size. I didn’t notice that my breasts had grown really- then I suddenly went up 2 cup sizes!

  3. don’t be fooled by the sales associates who just try to get you to buy things! if it doesn’t fit DON’T BUY IT, seems logical enough but really its overwhelming. The bra fitter person will be telling you all this stuff and talking quickly and you’re standing there having your breasts handled by a strange woman. Do some research (like go to a reputable place) and know what to expect AND know what your bra should fit like. I went to a place that altars bras (for next to nothing) and have finally gotten that custom fit! its wonderful. 🙂

  4. It is so worthwihile to be fitted by a knowledgeable salesperson. I was and it made a big difference. My bandsize was smaller than I thought it was, and my cup size, larger. Also, ladies, don’t shy away from underwire. It really helps.

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