Do It Tonight! Make Out at the Movies

kiss_bwphoto by _StaR_DusT_

Do you want to feel that rush of first love again? Do you want to feel the tingle of a junior high crush? Do you want to “extend foreplay” like all the sexperts tell you to but you keep running out of things to do? Do you want to go on a date night but are just too freakin’ tired to plan anything on a Friday night? Then head to the movies tonight — anything R-rated or above so there are no whining kids in the audience — grab a seat in the back row, and make out like teenagers. Allow yourself to do anything you would have let yourself do back in early high school — when you weren’t sure you wanted to go “all the way” with your boyf/girlf, but the one thing you did know for sure was that you couldn’t keep your hands off them. Hold hands all the way home, stopping for ice cream and making out whenever there’s a red light. Finally, jump each other’s bones the moment you walk in the door, like the fully mature, going-all-the-way grownups that you are.


  1. hes like i know you want somthing and im like yhea your tounge in my mouth and hes like same here and he lead wich was so sexy and we had gum a we swiched and it was so good and i never made out before and he loved it when we swichd gum and when he looked at me but dident say anything and we went back to tounging eachother and hes like lets not tell our parents im like no hes like what if i do this and he ran his hands all over me and i said no no we cant u have been a very bad boy and we tounged all that time hes like more and i said ya and when we got ot of the movie we went to this pond that was buatifal and made out for ever and he was moaneing and it made me moan and he started taking my hand and liking it and then back to my lips and he said he never wanted to leave but only our freinds know but i cant wait until this weekend he want to make out again and the weird thing he never uesed to like me now he crazt over me and im crazy over him

    love is so sexy

  2. ok i told my freid that this hot cute boy liked me a im in the 8th grade thats why im on this site….. cuz i saw him at the movies when i was with my familyand we we seeing trasforomers and he was 7 seats down from him and he needed to get some candy and he went past me trying to flirt wich by the was so incredibly hot and he smelt good and he txt me and said to meet him in the hallway and i did and he said next weekend meet me at the movies and we did cuz neither of our parents nw we we so attracted to each other and so i found a way to the movies and he wanted to make out and so did i but we did not want to tell each other and i was txting my freind and i said we both wanna make out badly but were are not talking and we did not get a back row and she was like swich so we swiched with this lady and we swiched and we were both chewing gum and i was like why did you want me..the one you uesed to hate to got to the movies and he was like why did you want us to moove to the back and i said why do you think and he was like to do somthing sexy and im likw what do you think i wanna do hes like make out and we did and i started and we started slow and we went more and more into it and hes like what do you want and lm like what you mean hes like you want somthing and i said

  3. I have a friend that enjoys movie-pleasure. She sometimes has her date do a dick-in-the-box trick with a popcorn bag, and then having at in the back of the theater. Not sure if I would try this though.

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