Do It Tonight! Okay, So Maybe You Can Leave Your Socks On.

socks_bedphoto by eyeliam

Just a week ago we told you to leave something on in bed every now and then — just not your socks. But we feel it is our duty to report that scientists have found that keeping your socks on makes it easier for both men and women to have an orgasm. But wait! This is not a carte blanche to prance around the bedroom in nothing but your argyles. Here’s the deal: During a sex study a few years back, participants — both male and female — reported that they found it easier to climax when they were allowed to keep their socks on because the lab where they were doing it was chilly. In other words, socks don’t have some mystical orgasmic power — maintaining a comfortable body temperature does. And we can think of about a hundred ways to stay warm that are hotter — as it were — than leaving your business socks on: Cuddle up under a blanket, share a sleeping bag, do it in front of a log fire, focus on positions with the most skin-to-skin contact. And if you’re too broke — or too green — to crank up the heat in winter, then we think there could be something kind of sexy and endearing about getting down in nothing but a woolly hat and scarf.


  1. BTW, those adorable unicorn socks are made by Sock It To Me, a woman-run company in Portland OR. Get them there or Sock Dreams .com … nuttin’ wrong with getting it on in schoolgirl argyles!

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