Do It Tonight: Treat Yourself to a Pebble Vibe

lelo_nea_pebble_vibeThe Lelo Nea at GoodVibes.com

You know those sand-buffed pebbles that you find on the beach that feel so nice in the palm of your hand? They’re pleasant and comforting to hold in your pocket, like nature’s own worry beads. Well, pebble vibrators are the X-rated version of this: external vibrators that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand — or, even better, between two bodies during intercourse. Their elfin size makes them discreet, non-threatening, travel-friendly bedside accessories.

The ultimate pebble vibrators are made by Swedish design company Lelo — check out their floral Nea vibrator or their silky smooth Lily vibe. Sure, they’re not the cheapest of sex toys, but in this case, you get what you pay for: beautiful, incredibly well-made, rechargeable vibrators that come in impeccably tasteful packaging. Betcha can’t find that during a long walk on the beach.


  1. i absolutely love this toy! my only recommendation…spend the extra money and get the one that has a more textured feel. i’m kicking myself that i didn’t, because the super smooth ones can be slippery…

  2. Ha! We’re kicking ourselves that we didn’t come up with that ourselves, Addie…

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