Do It Tonight! Upgrade Your Condom

condomsphoto by trec_lit

In this economy, terms like “upgrade” and “luxury” and “premium” are almost four-letter words. But if we’re talking about a product that usually costs under a dollar, we’re hoping you can afford to invest just a few more cents in it. (Come on, all the cool kids know that a recession is no time to sacrifice your sex life.) After all, what’s at stake is your pleasure and safety — two of the most important things we can think of when it comes to your personal life! So instead of the straight, tubular latex you get from the drugstore, go to a proper sex shop and check out the variety of materials, shapes and textures that can vastly improve your rubber bumping. A condom sampler pack is a great place to start!


  1. I highly, highly recommend Crown condoms. As someone who managed a condom boutique, I have tried them all and Crowns are by far my favorite. And they are even cheaper than Trojans or Durex.

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