Do You Name Your Favorite Sex Toys?

We know that guys name everything from their cars to the penises — and yes, it turns out that grown men who pay mortgages and have kids still do both of these things. So what about the ladies: Have any of you ever named a favorite sex toy that knew just how to get you to your happy place? If so, do tell us what you named it!

And if you haven’t, then tell us this: What do you think would make a good pet name for a sex toy? (We heard “Sherlock” recently, for example. Not bad, but we think you guys can do better.)



  1. i got to see my wife pleasure herself today for the first time all the way. with a new dildo vibrator we purchased. she started hesitantly but once she got into it it was hot, very arousing for me then the 2 of us finished and it was mind blowing. here is the kicker she is 61 and it took me 30 years to get her to let go and do it in front of me. we both really enjoyed it.
    she named the unit , Pete…

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