Dorm Life FAIL: Real-Life Masturbation Pests or Urban Legend?

Regular readers of this blog will know that few things make us happier than FAILblog. We don’t think that teen guys wiping out during skateboard tricks are remotely funny, but a “chocolate chip muffin” with only one chocolate chip? Comedy genius. That all said, we hate to think of ourselves as suckers, which is why we thought we’d turn to you, oh wise readers, to ask: Is the Penn State shower masturbation poster (above) for reals? Or is it just some kind of frat house joke? If it’s the former, then FAILblog just made our day. Again.

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  1. So not kidding. There was a legendary email that was sent from the RA’s to a certain floor of freshman boys in the dorms of a private college in Iowa. It was definitely not worded as politely as the Penn State sign.

  2. “This happened on my campus…maybe a joke in this instance, but definitely possible.”

    You gotta be kidding me.

  3. Definitely a joke, especially considering, as Johnny pointed out, the grammar issues. Though, other than the mistakes, pretty funny joke.

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