Dream Interpretation: Are My Dreams Telling Me to Avoid This Guy?

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Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. Got a dream you want Lauri to analyze? Click here to submit it) This week, a reader asks Lauri:

A week before Valentine’s Day, I had two dreams about my friend Steven. In real life he has been trying to convince me that he is serious and wants to take things further. But ever since I have had those two dreams I have been feeling down about him. In one of the dreams I was playing chess (I’m kind of a geek) with a guy (whose face I can’t recall) and my friend Alma was pressuring me by yelling to make a move. Steven was behind my friend Alma, observing to see if I would listen to her and make a move. But as I look down at the chessboard I realize that I am trapped and there is nowhere to go without getting killed.

In my second dream: I was in a sailboat with some of my friends and Steven. It was night and Steven and I were outside of the boat when all of the sudden the sailboat was rocking and the waves became violent. I was trying to hold on and reach towards Steven but every time I got closer to him I also became closer to falling into the ocean. So I told him it would be better if I stayed where I was holding onto. I never got to his side.

These were my two dreams before Valentine’s Day, and before the day did come, he said he would send me something special but he never did, which kind of made me feel like my dreams were telling me that perhaps I was right about him. But I’ m not an expert at analyzing dreams, so I am curious to know what you believe my dreams were saying.

Lauri:  Dreaming is one of the ways we figure things out, and it sure seems your dreams are trying to help you figure out this relationship. In your first dream I believe your friend Alma represents the friendship you currently have with Steven, which is why he is behind her in the dream. To you, he is a friend first and foremost. However, it now seems he is playing head games with you, hence the game of chess. This dream reflects the serious pressure you are under to move beyond the friend zone. The realization you have at the end of that dream is crucial: you are trapped and there is nowhere to go without getting killed. That suggests that you are now in a position where, no matter what you choose, your friendship — as you now know it — is in jeopardy of ending… one way or another.

The second dream is even more telling! The boat represents the relationship  you are about to embark upon with him — you know… the love boat. You and Steven are outside of the boat because you have not made that step into a romantic relationship yet. The turbulent water reflects your fear that a relationship with him could be very rocky and what you say at the end of that dream is your answer: It would be better if you stay the way you are. The dreaming mind is wise and intuitive and yours does not seem to like the idea of having a romantic relationship with Steven. It seems your friendship is too important to you. A tough decision, I know, but probably for the best. Good luck!

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  1. Just last night I dreamed that I had a baby by my boy friend the baby was a girl he was in and out the house, but he never recognized I had a child. Then the next three days he said to me the baby what is the baby’s name then I said oh I let the baby go with my daughter three days after I had it so she and her friends got together and name the baby Forest Potato, can you tell me what this represents? He said what kind of name is that the next thing I knew the little girl was walking. He still ignored the baby and then he did not like the fact that the baby was with my other kids. We are not interment right now and plus he is in and out and getting ready to move in a few weeks…

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